Extra Credit

  1. 3 favorite activities
    1. Art museum- I enjoyed visiting art museums because its not something I do on the everyday basis and the experience was great.
    2. Web Design-Was cool I had never used WordPress its a really streamlines things ,easy to use, and fun.
    3. Drawing-it was nice taking the time to sit down, examine, and try and recreate something in my view.
  2. 3 Least favorite
    1. Game design- was kind of tough not having soeone in person to ask questions on.
    2. Game design-Im not sure i understood this activity but it did seem interesting with those who are experienced in that.
    3. Architecture and Urban planning- Again one of those things that were hard to do for non tech people.
  3. Overall I thought slack was OK 1-10 i give it a 6. Hard to understand in the beginning. didn’t know where to find things. once settled in was pretty simple to use. Although i might add these functions can be done on beachboard and would be easy because of other classes that already use it, dont have to be jumping platforms.
  4. Course itself was great! It was fun being able to try and experience new things. Being a non-art major it was really eye opening to get to see a glimpse of the art world and the artist over time.

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