Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was born November 8,1986. By the age of three he taught himself to read and by 12 Swartz created Info Network, a user generated encyclopedia, an early version of Wikipedia.

Swartz took over the PACER system which charges users to download court documents. He downloaded 19,865,160 pages of text from the database. He was questioned by the FBI about the downloads however the investigation was eventually dropped. Then a year later Swartz began downloading articles from JSTOR archive at MIT he ended up with 5 million documents.

Swartz was later caught by police ans secret service agents and was facing multiple counts of computer and wire fraud. Which lead to Swartz taking his own life.

I think culturally Swartz impact is important because it started to changed the way we look at crimes that happen on the internet. Until this day we don’t really know what Swartz was intending to do with those articles but what if he wanted to do massive research on those articles? There is a lot of gray area regarding this matter and I don’t think mandatory time in Federal prison is fair in today’s world dominated by the internet.


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