Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa attended the UCSD from 1987-1988 where she studied with Allan Kaprow. After that she went to Hong Kong Academy for performing arts where she spent 3 years of her life. She graduated with a degree in choreography in 1991. Vanessa then attended Koninklijk Conservatorium with an MFA in New Media Studies in 1998.

Vanessa is know for  her work as a public artist her work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

I think culturally Vanessa’s work is important because it help bridge the gap between different cultures and helps people that would never get the chance to experience other cultures to get a sneak peak.

Personally I don’t know where I stand as creating avatars and classifying as art but I do see how avatars help people create pseudonymous identities which may result in increasing ones self esteem and self perception.


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