Art Museum Activity

For the activity I decided to go visit LACMA for the first time. I was blown away by the art over the ages and the environment of the exhibitions was really intriguing.

art 2

Irregular Forms: Creation,1911

Frantisek Kupka

Just by reading up a bit on Kupka i found of he was one of the first painters to create non objective images. I feel like this painting is really trying to express his spatial and cosmic side of the world. The flow of the painting creates a rhythm that one can see a controlled chaos feeling in the painting. The colors help me envision the mater that I feel Kupka is trying to make visible.

art 3

I Await You, 1934

Yves Tanguy

Although one may classify this painting as being more surreal in comparison to Kupkas painting above one can say that both paintings may have been inspired by the unconscious or in dreams. In contract in their painting the detail is so unique that shapes are much more relevant and just seem to pop out at you. The texture is much more detailed and almost reminds me of a scene of out Mad Max.

art jesus

I Just thought this depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus was interesting because one can make the argument depicted here Jesus looks like a women. ian art

Just me

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