Snap Chat Activity

I’ve been using snap chat for a couple years now and to be honest i find myself using it more than other social media outlets such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I like the easy and fast way that I can post to snap chat. it give people that have me as a friend a quick glimpse into my life. The feature to send direct snap chats to your friends is also cool because it allows you to control the amount of time they can view the snap chat and it tell you if the person screen shots the picture you sent them.

There is also a feature called “My Story” where you can post snap chats for all your followers to see it also allows you to view who has seen your snap chat and you “My Story” deletes after 24 hours.

I’m not sure how you would incorporate Snap chat into an activity? Maybe incorporating the My story part and having us all view each other story and then blog about what we viewed and the different things our classmates do on the weekend?

Image result for snapchatImage result for snapchat

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