Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff was born in 1957 in Ontario, Canada and grew up on a farm outside of a small village. She earned her BFA from Queens University. Then she earned her MVA from the university of Alberta. While studying there she met George Bures Miller who would become her husband and collaborator. Cardiffs training is in photography and printmaking and her early works were large-scale silkscreens.

She first collaborated with Miller in 1983 on a Super-8 film called The Guardian Angel. After that Cardiffs work began to include elements of narrative sequencing, experiments with sound, and movement. She is most well known for her audio walks her first was created somewhat accidentally during a residency at the Banff art center in 1991.

The multimedia works are mainly intended to stimulate the sense of hearing. Because the artist use an advanced stereophonic process to record and play back the acoustic material, the listeners perception of sounds in space is intensified.

When I listened to a snippet of Cardiffs work It made me feel as if I was surrounded by the audio almost like a scene in taken or the movie inception. Janet’s voice makes you rethink the purpose of why you are there and makes you notice things that we usually don’t notice.

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