Joseph Cornell

Although Joseph Cornell had no formal training in his art and his most characteristics work are his distinctive boxes, which were usually glass fronted in which he arranged surprising collections of photographs and random items that created a synergy within the box.

His signature art form is the shadow box with a dream like aura. The shadow boxes invite the viewer into Cornell’s own private world. They are also known as “memory boxes” or “poetic theaters” they evoke the memories associated with the items contained within, while also containing parallels with or expressing reverence for other art form such as theater, ballet and film.

After doing some research on Cornell it was apparent that his influence on postwar American art was monumental and spread-out throughout history. His shadow boxes amount for some of the earliest examples of assemblage and later helped influence both installation art and the box assemblage works of the Fluxus movement. Cornell also made a significant impact towards the development of cinema he was described as a “progenitor of American avant-grade film.”

After examining Cornell’s work closely every art piece makes me feel as as if I’m taking a glimpse into another persons imaginary vision. Each item to me seems like could be a scene out a movie. I can see why he was such a contributor to the development of cinema.

CRI_211495 379057t cornell.tilly-losch

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